Anterosuperior Shoulder Joint Dislocation in Parkinsons Disease—A Case Report

Yathiraj BR, Hemanth Kumar A, Manjunath Kumar K, Raj Kumar Amaravathi


A 55-year-old male with Parkinsons disease sustained a fall onto his right upper limb. Radiographs confirmed anterosuperior dislocation of the shoulder. Patient had generalised rigidity, bradykinesia and rest tremors. Anterior deltoid and subscapularis were incompetent with increased tone in the middle and posterior deltoid. Although reduction could be achieved, it could not be maintained. Conservative management was adopted as his activity level was low and he had minimal pain.


anterosuperior dislocation, shoulder, Parkinsons disease

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ISSN: 2249 – 2348. Published by: Kerala Orthopaedic Association

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