Primary Malignant Giant Cell Tumour of the Bone: A Case Report

Dominic K Puthur, Dijoe Davis, MC Savithri, Divya S, Toms Jacob


GCT is a primary locally aggressive bone neoplasm affecting the epiphyseal or meta-epiphyseal regions of bone. GCT can be rarely multifocal which may be synchronous or metachronous. At the same time, it is pathologically difficult to differentiate benign GCT from a malignant one. Malignant GCT can be a primary malignant GCT or a secondary malignant GCT. The prognosis of GCT is based on clinical progression rather than the histological picture. Here we report a case of a 20 year old male who presented to us with a swelling of right ilium which was treated by curettage and bone cement fixation, but later went on to progress as a primary malignant metachronous lesion and eventually leading to his death within 2.5 months after the index surgery.


malignant GCT, primary GCT

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ISSN: 2249 – 2348. Published by: Kerala Orthopaedic Association

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