Compound Patellar Fracture in a 2 Year Old Child: A Rare Case Report

Gowtham K R, M R Nambiar


We present a case of this unusual fracture in order to stress the importance of being aware of the existence of compound fractures of the patella in the less than 3 year age group. Fractures of the patella are rare in children, as the patella is largely cartilaginous and has great mobility. Normally in this age, closed patellar fractures may not be diagnosed radiologically as the ossification starts only after 3 years of age. Our case is a compound transverse patellar fracture in a two year old girl which is not found reported in the literature.


Compound patella fracture, children, transcartilaginous sutures

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ISSN: 2249 – 2348. Published by: Kerala Orthopaedic Association

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