Twice Recurred GCT of l3 Vertebra With Neurological Deficits Treated by Repeated Surgery—a Long Term Follow Up

Scott Chacko John, Dominic Puthoor, Rajesh KP


Involvement of the spine by GCT is not unusual, constituting 7% of all cases of GCT. Due to axial location, giant cell tumours of the spine may present at a more advanced stage when compared with those of extremities and are more challenging surgically. We present the case of a 33 year old lady with GCT of L3 vertebra which was treated initially with posterior stabilisation followed by intralesional excision and vertebral body reconstruction with a cage filled with iliac crest bone graft. The tumour recurred two times—at 4 and 6 years respectively. These were again treated surgically. Histological picture of the tumour remains the same. There is no evidence of recurrence two years after the last surgery.


giant cell tumour, spine lesion

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ISSN: 2249 – 2348. Published by: Kerala Orthopaedic Association

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